A Dog Named Jim

Did you hear about the story in Wisconsin where the police had to step up patrol at a local humane society after they started getting threats over euthanizing a dog?  Yeah, pretty crazy stuff.

humanesocietyThe dog in question was named Jim and was a handsome fellow.  His eyes were expressive and he was well behaved and gentle behind the camera. After being adopted out, though, he started showing signs of aggression.  There were several incidents where he bit, so he was soon labeled as a vicious dog and brought back to the shelter.  He was quickly adopted again where he hurt someone so bad they had to have stitches.


Of course the question on everyone’s mind is should Jim have been adopted out in the first place?  What about a second time?  Well, the answer is that he likely shouldn’t have been the first time, but the second time, probably not.  That is a whole other can of worms, though, that we aren’t going to get in to today.  What we do know for sure, though, is that the shelter had to make the responsible choice to put Jim down, a choice that caused them to receive threats.

Now I’m sure everyone knows that nobody (other than possibly PETA) wants to put an animal down.  In fact, that very humane society takes pride in its rate of live releases, and it really wanted the same thing for Jim.  Once you have done everything you can for a dog that has, on many occasions, bit to where it is required to get medical attention, you have to put the safety of the public and any future adopters first.  It is always heartbreaking to put down a dog that is healthy otherwise, but there are so many other animals out there who can be adopted out safely and responsibly who would love to have a forever home too.

But now, instead of accepting the fact that even shelters have to make the hard decisions at times, instead of discussing the non-biting animals available, there are lunatics that threatened to burn down an animal shelter.  This is crazy, folks, whether there is any real danger of the shelter being burned down or not.