About Us

We at Animal Welfare Foundation Action believe it is our role to take care of all animals, great and small.  We, as humans, have been given the role of caretakers of Earth and must take care of the animals that share the planet with us.

animal_welfare_quintana_roo_zpsbf4654b7The biggest part of our foundation is educating the public in what animal welfare means.  If you break it down into its most basic form, animal welfare simply refers to the relationships we humans have with the Earth’s animals and our duty to assure that those animals that are under our care are treated as responsibly and humanely as possible.

We are not a group like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) that believes animals should have the same rights as people.  We are, rather, a group that believes that animals should be respected and treated humanely rather than abused.  We have no issues with those who raise animals for meat as long as they are killed quickly.  We do have issues with those who keep their dogs tied up in their back yard or let their animals starve.

This site is dedicated to providing information regarding animal welfare and what we, as people who love animals, can do to help protect our furry and not-so-furry friends.  Be sure to follow us as we look into the animal kingdom and our role within it.