Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare

A lot of times, proponents of animal welfare will also call themselves advocates for animal rights because, to them, the term appears to represent their beliefs, but animal rights and animal welfare are based off of completely different beliefs and they achieve their goals using totally different tactics. Animal rights proponents are against using animals in any way, shape or form, no matter how humanely or how responsibly they are used. On the other hand, animal welfare proponents believe in the responsible use of animals as long as it is humane.  The animal rights position motto from PETA shows their position quite well, demonstrating their system of beliefs that animal abuse and animal use are one in the same. They claim that animals are not ours to use for entertainment, to eat, to experiment on, to wear, or in any other way to abuse.

an_animal_rights_activist_fromEven though the activists for animal rights use issues of animal welfare to promote their agenda in their campaigns, their beliefs on animal rights are in conflict with the views of around ninety four percent of Americans, who are meat eaters. Not only that, but out of those who are vegetarians and omnivores, a large percentage of them keep family pets, hunt or fish, go to zoos and circuses, ride horses and/or use animals in some form or fashion.  They also often enjoy the benefits that come from animals being used for medical advances.  Overall, Americans are mostly unaware of the animal rights activists true agenda. That is likely the way the activists want it, though, considering how they, when speaking to the public, hide their true beliefs under rhetoric about animal welfare to mislead about their true agenda to their audience.  When speaking to their loyal followers, though, they tend to state all of their positions clearly.  The campaigns for animal rights will often use deceptions that are strategically against businesses and owners that use animals. Many times, people that see themselves as advocates for animal rights are just animal loving people that are interested in helping to improve the lives of animals.  They do not know the path that has been charted by the radical animal rights leadership.