Help Farm Animals, As Well As Domestic Ones

If you wish to help animals, this should not pertain only to the animals you can harbor in your home. June, as the beginning of summer, is often known as kitten season as cats are known to give birth to a large number of kittens than shelters are able to give away. Hence, many communities ask pet owners to adopt a cat in the month of June which is also known as Adopt a Cat Month. At such a time the animal protection organizations like the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals increase their appeal to the public who can donate funds to spay and neuter animals in order to control animal population.

Some animal advocates are asking a change of perspective in such a time. They ask animal charities and donations to be sent across to help other animals. They are referring to farm animals like pigs, chicken and others who are raised on farms for the food industry. Effective animal treatment should not only be restricted to ones that are kept as domestic pets but those that are bred to be used for human consumption.

This change of focus needs to come by for not only companion animals but for the animals that provide us food. The focus on companion animals makes sense as there are millions of shelter cats and dogs who get euthanized every year as the shelters are unable to accommodate them. However, besides helping to make the conditions of these animals better, the focus has to be on the state of farm animals and to bring about standards and conditions that ensure that they are reared in good conditions. Most people are appalled as to how farm animals are kept but the reality is that the focus is less on how they are bred and what conditions are provided to them during their lifespan.