Dog Breeders

rough-collie-dog-1365447402yrjThere was recently a huge, crazy outrage because a Collie was bought from a breeder by a director at a shelter.  Yep, what a horrible thing (eye roll). Her husband that works at fell in love with the breed and insisted on a full blooded Collie. There were quite a few petitions going around and then some attacks from activists online (harassment charges were brought against two of them) because of her buying instead of adopting. Of course it can be pretty easy to get in that absurd totalitarian mindset and to point out the flaw in this because of the contradictions in someone who should be an activist moving forward in adopting from a breeder.

But, hey, let’s not fret about it too long.  There are so many things that a good breeder can offer us.

We truly need responsible, reputable breeders in our communities.  These people work really hard to protect and preserve certain breeds of dogs, screen for diseases in their dogs, do everything they can to get rid of health problems, and provide the community with dogs that are healthy and well tempered. Good breeders do not increase the number of dogs that are homeless, no matter what any activist tries to tell you.  In fact, a breeder who is good sells only through a contract and offers to take a dog back if the owner is unable to provide the care the dog needs. A lot of these same people work in rescues for their breed, helping to keep these dogs out of the shelters.

It’s a given that people want to have dogs.  Many think that people actually need dogs.  So you know what?  If there weren’t breeders around, people would still sell dogs to others, the only thing that would be different is that it would be underground sales.  There would be no regulations in place, no contracts, no accountability, and no guarantees.  The main goal would be to move the product.  This is precisely what we don’t want to happen.

If that weren’t enough, remember that good breeders not only sell to individuals but also provide service dogs for our military, police, and special needs citizens.

It is appalling the number of people that attached the shelter director because she chose to buy a dog from a breeder.  We will always cheer for the breeders who passionately provide the communities with healthy, loving pets.